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We Are Vancouver Personal Trainers

With the help of the professionals at ProFIT, no surgery, accident, or injury will keep you down for long. Our experience and knowledge, combined with state of the art equipment, will ensure a fast and efficient recovery process. When you need help the most, you can rely on our well-designed active therapy and physiotherapy programs. You don’t have to look any further when choosing an active rehab trainer in Vancouver – you are in the right place.

With well over a decade of experience working in fitness and nutrition, T'ai Erasmus' Pro FIT works with a wide variety of clients from professional athletes to boot campers of all ages. As a personal trainer, T'ai holds many accreditations including:

  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • National Coaching Certification Program
  • Colgan Institute Sports Nutrition Clinic
  • Certified Bootcamp Instructor
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Personal Training Benefits

One of the most common comments received from Pro FIT clients about personal training is that they feel accountable. The expectation is set that they must be there at a certain time, and if not they are letting someone other then themselves down. In addition to accountability, Pro FIT creates a structure and strategy for fitness success, making it much tougher to stray, and your chance of success much higher. Finally, one of the most overlooked components of quality fitness training is technique. Most are not educated in how to properly execute an exercise and as such end up wasting a lot of time and effort. We spend a great deal of time educating, ensuring you get the very most out of every session while also preventing possible injury.

Vancouver Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Specialist

If you want the fastest and most effective results, then you need an innovative and personal approach to your individual fitness program. You can only get results like that from a personal trainer in Vancouver who understands your needs, and respects your goals.

We know you take your weight loss needs seriously and we promise that we’ll take your goals seriously. That means that you’ll get one-on-one attention from one of the most respected and experienced personal trainers in Vancouver. What it doesn’t mean is that you’ll be expected to take verbal abuse and other questionable motivation techniques that some other fitness trainers in Vancouver find acceptable. We believe in a different approach.

Our Personal Training Approach

We believe that the best results come from strong motivation, and we believe that the best motivation for change is “fun”. Our program is founded in the belief that fitness should be enjoyable, and that personal trainers should motivate their clients through encouragement and rewards. If you’re discouraged by the way some Vancouver personal trainers treat their clients, give us a try instead. We promise to create a fitness environment that is safe, effective, and makes you feel good.

Our approach is based off the Pro FIT method created by Vancouver fitness superstar T’ai Erasmus, CFT, SPN, CAFT. T’ai is one of the most respected personal trainers in the world, and he created Pro FIT because he saw the need for a truly effective personal training method that achieved results while making people feel good. Our regimen combines a strong and effective workout routine with informed sports nutrition. By tackling all the causes of an unfavorable lifestyle at once, we’ll help you see results faster than you could have ever imagined.

Our Goals

Our goals in creating a fitness program is to offer our clients an environment where they feel safe and believe in their ability to achieve the body they always wanted and the quality of life that everyone deserves. We aim to create an environment where you can succeed regardless your age, fitness level, or budget. We want to offer our benefits to everyone, and we’d love for you to take your journey with us.

Personal Trainers with a Passion

If you feel ready to take your journey toward fitness, and you want to work with a personal trainer in Vancouver, then we’d love to hear from you as soon as possible. We know that you’ve been looking for the right results all your life, and we’re ready to help you achieve them.

We offer nothing less than a professional trainer, a smart routine, and an environment that will make you feel good about yourself and your body. Don’t make yourself wait any longer, the body you always wanted is just around the bend. For more information please call us at the numbers listed at the bottom of the page, or visit us at the address below.
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