T’ai Erasmus is a regular contributor to various popular health & T'ai Erasmus fitness publications throughout North America. Also, he has served on the advisory board for Alive Magazine, Canada’s #1 Health & Fitness publication. T’ai has been on the World Natural Sports Organization (W.N.S.O.) Judging Panel for five years. In 2004, he was appointed the official sports nutrition consultant for Vancouver’s Extraordinary Makeover Event (V.E.M.E.). Recently, T’ai was approached by Lululemon, to be a part of the design team meetings for the men’s line.

For over a decade and a half, a wide variety of clients including well-known actors, stunt performers, musicians, fashion designers, professional and amateur athletes, competitive mixed martial arts fighters, bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors, and Boot Campers of all ages have sought out his services.

T’ai is the CEO/Founder of the Vancouver based companies Pro FIT, Professional Fitness
Coaching Systems
and My Adventure Boot Camp, Inc.

T’ai’s Accreditations

  • Fitness First Aid / CPR
  • Fitness Theory / Douglas College
  • Certified Fitness Trainer / International Sports Sciences Association
  • Standard Test of Fitness Appraiser / Simon Fraser University
  • National Coaching Certification Program / Kwantlen University College
  • National Symposium on Sports Nutrition / The Total Health & Fitness Group
  • Colgan Institute Sports Nutrition Clinic / Colgan Institute of Nutritional Science
  • First International Scientific Congress on Nutrition and Athletic Performance / University Of Alberta
  • Weight Training Injury Symposium / Strength-Training Injury Specialists
  • Stability Ball Conference / University of British Columbia
  • Unleash the Power Within / Robbins Research International, Inc.
  • Date With Destiny Life Coaching / Robbins Research International, Inc.
  • Leadership Academy / Robbins Research International, Inc.
  • Certified Adventure Fitness Trainer / National Endurance Sports Trainers Association
  • Associate / International Society of Sports Nutrition

Optimal benefits during Boot Camp are achieved through applying the latest, cutting-edge research in sports nutrition approaches to fat loss, performance and recovery.

T’ai Erasmus has competed in the sport of Olympic Target Shooting for sixteen years. He holds a Master classification, which is the highest position awarded for Target Shooting in Canada.


Christy Forte – T.N.T. Instructor / Assessment Assistant

Christy ForteChristy Forte has been studying Nutrition and Health for over 10 years. Wholesome, healthy eating is Christy’s passion, and she has devoted her life to it.

She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Food, Nutrition and Health Science at the University of British Columbia. Christy is also a Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Kick boxing Instructor. At present, she has completed training in pre and post-natal fitness, functional and postural stability, and is completing studies specializing in Sports Injuries.

Her strong nutritional background is an asset to everyone ready to loose weight, increase muscle, train for sports activities, or compete in fitness events.

In 2004, Christy demonstrated her devotion to healthy eating and exercise by competing as a Fitness Model. Christy is constantly expanding her knowledge base to effectively guide clients to achieve the best results possible.



Nancy is a certified kinesiologist though the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologist (BCAK) since 2007 and has been in the fitness industry for the past ten years. She strives to build on her education and professional development each year in order to keep up to date with the fitness and active rehabilitation industry and to continually expand her knowledge base.

Nancy is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree, major in Kinesiology within the concentration of Active Health and Rehabilitation as well as a Associate of Science Degree . Throughout her formal education as well as her experience as a practicing kinesiologist she has been able to be involved with health and wellness promotion, fitness appraisal, counseling and programming in addition to clinical kinesiology and exercise .

Nancy’s experience in active rehabilitation has lead her to the opportunity to work along side with other rehabilitation professionals in both private and public insurance corporations. Realizing the devastating impact of motor vehicle accidents, Nancy strives to educate clients on the importance and benefits of active rehabilitation therapy. As a practicing kinesiologist she performs functional assessments, job analysis, vocational rehabilitation, work integration programs, and provides education to ease clients back into their normal lives.

In addition to treating individuals suffering from motor vehicle accidents, Nancy also works with individuals with sports related injuries and general muscular imbalances. Nancy attended the Titleist Performance Institute where she has received her Level One Golf Fitness Instructor certification. She is able to identify and perform exercise prescription so that her clients overcome any physical restrictions that may limit their sport specific performance determined from physical screening techniques.

Nancy’s personal training experience stems from ten years ago, where she has had the privilege to train with clients from various walks of life. Nancy wants to show everyone that it is possible to be healthy and fit even with a busy schedule, and how to incorporate fitness goals into daily lives. Nancy’s personal training style is positive, educational, up beat, encouraging and of course challenging.
Nancy is a active advocate of athletes with disabilities and is currently working with the Provincial Wheelchair Rugby Team. She has recently joined the national staff of the Canadian Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Team, where she travels internationally as a part of their physiology and team management. She has just returned as the Canadian team physiologist from the 2012 London Summer Paralympic games where the wheelchair rugby team placed with a silver medal!

Nancy looks forward to meeting you and providing you with an unforgettable experience with a healthier future!

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