This is the boot camp you have been hearing about!

Welcome to My Adventure Boot Camp! The Adventure Boot Camp program is the crown jewel of the services we offer here at Pro FIT. Over four weeks, it is the best solid workout system found in Vancouver. People are often shocked at what they are capable of when they have the self-discipline to buckle down and push toward their goals. That is exactly what we do at Boot Camp. We meet three or five days a week and finish with results most of our participants couldn’t believe until they saw them for themselves.

The Best Trainers in Vancouver

Only the best personal fitness trainers in Vancouver teach at our Boot Camp, and they are fully certified and licensed! The proven system was perfected by world-famous fitness instructor T’ai Erasmus himself. All the trainers involved were instructed by him personally to offer a world-class fitness experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Your trainers will be with you every step of the way. They know all the techniques necessary to keep you comfortable and motivated. Don’t be afraid that your trainer will resort to attacking and insulting you as a way to keep you motivated. All of our trainers believe that the best motivation comes from feeling great about yourself and your results.

A Supportive and Fun Environment

When you attend our Boot Camp you’ll find yourself surrounded with people just like you. You can choose between the women’s only Boot Camp or the Co-Ed TRX options. Either way, you’ll find that the people around you make the exercise all the more fun and supportive for the social environment. You’ll also find it easier to stay motivated to come back once you’ve made some great fitness friends.

The Most Shocking Results

One of the most pleasing benefits of working at ProFIT is seeing the faces of the people who have graduated Boot Camp and are seeing their progress compared to when they first arrived. People never actually realize what they are capable of until they find themselves in an environment where they are given the skills, tools and atmosphere to actually find out. We could tell you all the things people say about their achievements at the end of Boot Camp, but we’d much rather show you. Give us the chance to support your journey to fitness, and you will be very happy you did.

We’re Ready for You!

Train with the most sought after fitness trainer in Vancouver with the Boot Camp that has everyone talking! If you want Boot Camp, if you want RESULTS, if you want the best…My Adventure Boot Camp is where you will be! Contact My ABC now to enlist in the next boot camp. Do it now, before it’s too late!



2013 Boot Camp Calendar

Winter / Spring January 7 – January 18 – Co Ed TRX CLOSED
January 21 – February 17
Women’s Boot Camp CLOSED
February 18 – March 1
March 4 – March 29 - Women’s Boot Camp OPEN
April 1 – April 12
April 15 – May 10Women’s Boot Camp
May 13 – May 24
– Co Ed TRX
Summer May 27 – June 21Women’s Boot Camp
June 24 – July 5
– Co Ed TRX
July 8 – August 2Women’s Boot Camp
August 5 – August 16
– Co Ed TRX
September 2 – September 13Women’s Boot Camp
(2 Week Mini Camp) Contact us for details.
September 16 – September 27 – Co Ed TRX
Fall / Winter September 30 – October 25Women’s Boot Camp
October 28 – November 8
November 11 – December 6Women’s Boot Camp  - CLOSED

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