Sports Nutrition Evolution

The sports nutrition field is always evolving – most of the time for the better. Every year, many research papers are published to provide information and help others better understand the field and the changes that are being made.

Most recently, a five-year update has been released to the lead paper that launched the JISSN in 2004.

The paper touched on many topics including but not limited to:

  • The definitional category of ergogenic aids and dietary supplements
  • The regulation of dietary supplements
  • How to evaluate the scientific merit of supplements
  • Strategies to enhance performance recovery

It is important for sports nutrition professionals to know the ins and outs of evaluating the scientific merit of information pertaining to exercise and nutrition

To do so, the ISSN Exercise & Sports Nutrition Review has been updated. Additionally, supplements have been categorized into a variety of categories including:

  • Apparently effective
  • Possibly effective
  • Too early to tell
  • Apparently ineffective

Since the last report was published, many changes have made been to the original categorization. Along with this, many new supplements have reached the market.

Categorization of Supplements.

This is a system for categorizing the overall effectiveness of nutritional supplements.

  • Apparently Effective. Supplements that help people meet caloric needs. Also fits into this category if a large number of research studies in relevant populations show that it is safe and effective.
  • Possibly Effective. Supplements with initial studies supporting the theoretical rationale but require more research to determine how the supplement may affect training and/or performance.
  • Too Early To Tell. Supplements with sensible theory but lacking sufficient research to support its use.
  • Apparently Ineffective. Supplements that lack rationale and/or research have shown to be ineffective.

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