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Testimonial For T’ai Erasmus, ProFit

I approached T’ai Erasmus in January 2007 about his Personal Fitness Training Program. His program includes personal fitness training sessions and a meal plan.

From the beginning of our consultations, I was very skeptical as to whether the cost of his program would provide results. I have been actively working out for the past three years, and researching diet and exercise programs, and still gained 30 lbs.

T’ai completed a Fitness Analysis on me. The results were devastating to me; not only was I in an unhealthy weight range, my body fat index was categorized as “poor”. T’ai told me in order to reach my weight and health goals, I would have to commit to at least two hours of personal training sessions a week, and follow his meal plan. Not to mention, cut out any alcohol consumption.

I was even more skeptical. With my busy schedule, working up to 12 hours a day, plus being on the move after work, I told T’ai this meal plan would be impossible. Not to mention committing to two hours of training a week, plus travel time was a lot to ask. The alcohol consumption was understandable, going to a business luncheon once a week where alcohol is common, plus drinking wine on the weekends, adds up to your calorie intake. I understood that, however, still felt the business luncheons would be difficult, as my clients and prospects, are always asking me to join them for a drink.

I committed to T’ai’s program and decided to trust him, and commit whole-heartedly. By the end of January, I was following T’ai’s meal plan, and meeting him twice a week. I was also able to simply turn down the wine at business luncheons, and stick to lemon water.

This was a great accomplishment for me, and I realized, when something is important as your health, you can find the time. The meal plan was easy to adjust to, and now is a way of life for me; it is simply my way of eating healthy every day.

T’ai then threw another obstacle at me….he told me if I wanted to continue my weight loss success, I needed to follow his cardio program before I went to work. Right – my workday starts at 6:30 am. I would have to start at 4:15 a.m. This is something I’ve been trying to incorporate for years – it would never happen.

T’ai dealt with all my hesitations, and objections. His responses helped me to realize what is important in life, beyond wealth, beyond success.

I have never had so much fun working out with a trainer before. I laugh a lot, probably too much, but I always walk away feeling the workout and knowing it was productive.

From January 2007 until the end of February 2007 I lost 14 lbs!!! I only have 8 lbs left to get to my target after 2 months!!!! T’ai has given me something I have never been given before…He has changed my self-concept, and has given me a solid foundation of motivation to succeed my weight loss program. T’ai made me see that when it comes to my business, I was 100% confident that I am the best at what I do. But when it came to my appearance, and my body, I felt there was no way, I would ever be happy with my body or see myself as having a sexy body. However, I had a very poor attitude toward my health and my body. I did not have confidence in my looks, or my ability to achieve a beautiful body.

I only have 8 more lbs until I reach my target weight goal. A goal I wanted to reach by the end of March. T’ai helped me to believe I could do it, and I am. I have gone from a size 13 to a size 8 in less than two months! But more importantly, I have a much better perception of myself, and my body. The best thing about working with T’ai is he has helped me realize there is nothing I can’t accomplish in Fitness if I believe in myself!

I recommend all the Ladies at BNI see T’ai for a professional consultation, and a meal plan. If you are not a boot camper at T’ai’s Adventure Boot Camp – you should be using him for your personal Training and Meal Plan!

Thanks so much T’ai for your honesty, integrity, and the care you put forth in training me. You’ve given me the motivation, and belief system I needed to reach my goals, and lose this weight. Not only are you a fabulous trainer, you are an inspiration, and a motivator! What you’ve given me is priceless!

Yours truly,

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