1st Place Winner

For as long as I can remember, I have constantly searched for new challenges and goals to achieve personal growth and to improve myself both physically and mentally. This was a component of my life that I have always held as a priority.

I remember I was only 15 years old when I lifted my first set of dumbbells. I weight trained regularly with the purpose of improving my performance in all sports at all levels. I’ve been involved in numerous sports and activities, from basketball, kickboxing, and dance, to ultimate Frisbee and snowboarding. The thought of competing in fitness had never even crossed my mind.

It wasn’t until the spring of 2004 that I was exposed to the sport of figure, fitness and bodybuilding. A friend of mine had competed in a fitness competition at that time, and after talking to her and learning more about the sport, I became increasingly intrigued. For a few months, I continued to debate whether or not competing in fitness was a sport that was within my time constraints and ability. But with my wonderful network of support and my desire for personal growth, I decided to pursue the goal of competing and train for a novice level competition that was merely less than 4 months away.

The months flew by as I trained hard and developed my fitness routine. There were countless moments where I felt that competing in this competition was not within my reach, but with my amazing network of support, I managed to train hard, and balance my work and relationships with friends and loved ones. Among my support was T’ai. He developed a meal plan that was tailored to meet my needs and preferences. With his warmth and unending support it was simply the easiest aspect of my training to adhere to.

In November 2004, I entered my first novice level figure, fitness, and bodybuilding competition. Little did I know that my hard work and discipline resulted in a first place win in my height category, as well as the overall winner in fitness! I was in disbelief. My emotions were at an all time high, and the feeling was indescribable.

My decision to compete was fuelled by my desire to train hard, achieve a personal best, as well as gain invaluable experience. Not only did I achieve these goals, but I also gained an incredible support system, and the confirmation that the mind is the most powerful aspect when achieving any goal in life.