During 2007, I was searching for a fitness nutritionist to improve my appearance and reduce my body fat. It was at this time, my personal trainer referred me to T’ai. I didn’t just want any nutritionist, but one who practiced what they preached with solid, yet practical experience in the fitness industry. T’ai was the answer, not only was he a wealth of knowledge, he had all the practical experience to back it up. When I first met with T’ai, I told him my goal was to look like I was on a cover of the Men’s Health Magazine. T’ai’s extensive experience in nutrition helped me achieve my goal. T’ai did this by designing a custom meal plan for me. Not only did the meal plan tell me exactly how much to eat (to the very gram), but when and what to eat as well. T’ai is definitely worth working with no matter your fitness level or goal(s). With T’ai’s support and guidance and some personal discipline on your own part, you will definitely physically and even mentally improve yourself. Thanks T’ai!

Philip Elichev