1st Place Winner

After having several reconstructive surgeries on my left knee, in a span of 3 years, there wasn’t a sport I was able to do. I was a competitive gymnast and a long-distance runner for most of my life. Having a serious knee injury put my life on hold.

Through physiotherapy, I started to regain some physical activity. I learned how to walk again. This would lead to bigger things. Weight. Over the 3 years, of not being able to do anything, I ballooned to 135 pounds. My normal weight was previously 115 pounds.

In April, 1999, I found a personal trainer. I started a very basic diet, bought 3 sets of dumbbells and worked out at home. By June, I had joined a gym. My trainer lived out of town so I had to be vrey disciplined. Thanks to my gymnastics training, it wasn’t a problem.

In April 2000, I weighed in at 114 pounds and entered my first body building competition as a heavy-weight. My goal was to place in the top five. I placed fifth! As well, I won the best poser for my weight class and best poser overall. I was hooked!

November 2000, I entered my second competition as a lightweight. I was 112 pounds. My goal was to win. I placed 1st in the Women’s Novice Lightweight. I loved it!

After placing 1st, I now moved into the women’s open. The 1st place winner would receive a pro card. The pro card was not my goal. This goal was to compete at my very best. I was playing with the “big girls” now. I had one year to be ready. I needed help. I needed a trainer, a choreographer, posing coach and nutritionist. Through networking, I found them all!

All of these people played a very important role for me, as well as my family. My family has supported me every step of the way.

I could not have done as well as I did without descipline, determination and a goal. April, 2001 I started my diet with T’ai. I was competing on November 3, 2001. I placed 2nd in the women’s open lightweight. I weighed in at 98 pounds. I was overwhelmed and cried. It was an amazing experience. It came with a lot of hard work.

This is a long way from being 135 pounds and learning to walk again. I have accomplished my goals with two major parts to my knee still missing.

If you want to do it, you will. You need a plan, a goal, and the right people to help you reach that goal.

Never be afraid to ask for help. Research what you want to know. Stick with what works. Only listen to the people you have hired.

I strongly believe that diet plays the most important role in bodybuilding. When I first met T’ai, he told me his diet would “rock my world”.

Did it ever.