Wonderful World of Creatine

The Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine recently published an article that should be interesting to anyone using creatine, or plans to in the future. Many, already know that creatine is one of the most popular resistance training supplements in the world. It is known and recognized for offering greater results than just resistance training alone. So far, creatine has not ventured far outside of resistance training communities, but that may be about to change.

The recently published article also examines many new potential uses for creatine. It also shines a light on situations where creatine is being used without and available research to vouch for its safety or effectiveness. Some of the findings of that article are in this post. You may even find creatine has something to offer you.

Creatine and Aerobic Exercise?

Most people know that creatine is effective for anaerobic exercise, but few people who focus on aerobic exercise have considered taking creatine. According to the article, creatine still has something to offer those who are looking to slim down instead of bulk up. The article suggests that creatine supplements may offer longer and better performance over a long aerobic workout.

The studies are not completely unanimous in this area, however. Very few studies have been done on aerobic subjects to date, and a lot more research will need to be done to establish what creatine can offer people who want to focus on aerobic exercises.

Creatine and Injury Recovery?

One of the more interesting findings in this article was the power creatine can have on individuals recovering from injury. One study focused on injured athletes taking creatine during their recovery periods. Creatine was demonstrated to be particularly effective when it was applied in the case of muscle injury. The study also showed that taking creatine before heavy workouts made the muscles more resistant to injury.

Together, all of the findings demonstrate why creatine is considered such a friend to those who take resistance training seriously. Not only does it aid recovery faster, it can help prevent you from suffering a muscle injury in the first place. If you are lift weights who hasn’t tried creatine yet, it may be a consideration.

Creatine and Kids?

Creatine was never intended to be used by children, but competitive young athletes were being encouraged by coaches and parents to use it anyway. There is very little research available on how creatine can affect children and youths.

This article did not provide any new findings, but it did demonstrate creatine could be theoretically safe under the proper conditions. There seems to be very little danger once youth have passed puberty. Before that point, creatine can have positive effects, but the dangers outweigh the benefits until more research is done.

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